In 1995, South Florida resident Michael Libfeld was in his local supermarket, when an idea popped into his head that would eventually change his life. He was about to begin his mission to create the most outstanding, flavorful tortillas in the marketplace, using the finest and freshest ingredients.

Through his Master’s degree in Food Science, and experience in new food product development for Fortune 500 companies, Michael developed unique blends and textures for his tortillas. For the past 25 years, his mission has proved successful. There are no better tasting flour tortillas available to chefs who demand a high-quality product.

Wrapole’ Premium Quality Tortillas, made in Florida, are sold nationwide. Additionally, they can be found in some Caribbean islands and Central American countries, cruise lines, five-star hotels, delis, caterers and food processors. A retail line is also available for supermarkets.

Wrapole’ Premium Quality Tortillas products are available in Institutional sizes and flavors:

 Original
 Whole Wheat
 Chocolate
 Spinach
 Pesto
 Marinara
 Tex Mex
 Challah Aloha (eggless)
 Black Bean
 Rye
 Corn Products
 Gluten Free

For more information about Wrapole’, contact Michael Libfeld at 561-439-2354 or email Visit their website at