It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Michael Guenther. Having been involved since the inception of the Localecopia Marketplace side of the business in 2010, Mike was instrumental in the growth of one of the most recognizable names in the Florida local foods movement.

Michael GuentherFrom our first days delivering a few cases of oranges in a beat up truck to regular Mondays of hauling over 10,000 pounds produce to Florida schools, Mike was the motor of this incredible engine.

We spent ten years operating in the Florida produce arena. The “norm” for us was always bucking the trend of the status quo. Mike made it his mission to do things the right way and to be honest in an industry where honesty was not normal. He worked with both Florida producers and consumers to be transparent. Mike genuinely cared about the success of Florida farmers, schools, and our hospitality accounts. He was always guided by doing the right thing (not doing the profitable thing). What Mike was most proud of was knowing that Localecopia Marketplace was responsible for feeding thousands of school children every year. He would routinely brag about this to his Facebook Community (when he wasn’t bragging about his sons for whom he was so proud of).

As I write this remembrance to Mike, the business has to continue on. Those of us that knew Mike will continue to hurt for some time. Below that gruff exterior was a man who truly cared for everyone he interacted with.

For me personally, I have lost not only a work mate but, a friend.

Michael Guenther and Geoff Sagrans

Mike, you will be missed but never forgotten. One of my sayings in life is “until next time.” Our paths will soon cross once more.  We will try our best to make you proud. If we are not doing something right, please feel free to let us know. We have very large shoes to fill.

Take care my friend….your friend, Geoff.