Healing Butterfly

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At Healing Butterfly, our goal from the start has been to create the ideal beverage to drink every day. We wanted to offer a line of just-add-water mixtures that taste amazing, but are also packed full of nutritionally supportive ingredients for the body.

We worked hard to make sure our elixirs were healthy, nutrient dense, and delicious. To achieve this goal, we brought a tea sommelier onto our staff and began the process of creating exciting beverages that combine some of the world’s best superfoods — matcha and turmeric.

Healing Butterfly’s first line of products includes seven different flavors of Matcha Green Tea powders. We started by partnering with an organic family farm in Japan. This farm abides by the strictest organic requirements and produces our premium-grade matcha. Once the matcha is shipped to our manufacturing facility in the United States, we blend it with other organic and natural ingredients to produce the following flavor blends: vanilla, chocolate, Earl Grey, mint, ginger, and pumpkin spice. In addition to our original, premium matcha, we proudly offer seven flavors of our Matcha Green Tea.