Chunkie Dunkies

1880 W 10th St
Riviera Beach, FL 33404



Once upon a time, there was a proud little Italian girl that took her Christmas cookies and biscotti very seriously. Not so much on how they looked but 100% on how they tasted. I learned that special gift from my Mom and Italian Grandmother’s. They were very particular and I wanted them to LOVE my food! Years later… my desire to make the “BEST” tasting cookies is the strongest ever. But now… my foods are also Incredibly Healthy! Customers are “wowed” by our products with unsuspecting flavors and textures. We are so happy to be helping people that desire a cleaner lifestyle without having to sacrifice flavor. Now… there is finally a Gourmet Healthy Treat we can all feel good about eating. My passion along with the life-changing education I earned through The Natural Gourmet Institute and Hippocrates Health Institute, I am able to take Healthy to a whole new level… DELICIOUS!!!