Simplifying Farm to Table

We try to keep the process as simple for our clients and suppliers as possible. In addition to delivering fresh Florida produce directly to your facility, we also pride ourselves on assisting with the reuse of packaging materials and proper disposal of cooking oils.

  • Step 1

    You place your order with Localecopia Marketplace

  • Step 2

    Localecopia trucks pick up produce from local suppliers

  • Step 3

    Produce is delivered directly to you

Want To Get Your Florida-Grown Products To Market?

  • Are you a local producer that has had trouble getting your foot in the door? For a number of reasons produce distributors typically deal with growers who are able to supply full truckloads. For most of these distributors it just doesn’t make sense to work with suppliers who unable to do so.
  • Localecopia Marketplace works with Florida growers of all sizes. If the logistics work out our trucks will pick up directly from the farms. If not, we try to work on clustering deliveries.


  • We believe that all Florida growers deserve a fair value for the products they grow. At the same time we realize the financial pressures of food-service and school operations. Localecopia Marketplace tries to work with all parties to reach a fair balance. Part of this involves educating everyone in the supply chain.

Food Handling & Safety

  • Now more than ever, restaurants, hotels, country clubs, contract feeders, schools and distributors are requiring some type of food handling practices.
  • At Localecopia Marketplace we want to stay ahead of the curve. We ask that our producer partners have at minimum GAP, GHP, HAACP and/or other food safety practices. Formal independent third-party audits are required to work with some of our larger accounts.
  • Localecopia is here to support our growers in food handling & safety compliance.

Become a Part of Our Supply Chain

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