Let’s Work Together:  ANRAC PSA 2019

As part of the Martin County Agriculture and Natural Resources Advisory Committee’s (ANRAC) role in advising the Martin County Board of County Commissioners in matters affecting agriculture and natural resources for the county,  the group took on the subject of water quality.

This very heated topic impacts residents of the county from the beaches out to Lake Okeechobee.  The common ground with a number of residents has been to take a side and point fingers at someone else.   ANRAC had a much different approach.

Members realized that everyone desires to have quality water.   Instead of just blaming someone else, the thought was to take a look in the mirror to see how each of us could do our part to make the quality of our water better.

The theme of this Public Service Announcement is “Let’s Work Together.”  We are all in this together.  If everyone does their little part, the results could be quite impactful.