Spring in South Florida is an exciting time! Our Farmers and Producers can offer the most diversity, quality, and quantity of items that grow right here in Florida. Eating Fresh and Local is easy, delicious, and nutritious, as well as environmentally friendly!

Our Hani Bees are foraging eagerly on all the pollen you are finding on your car, and spiking up your allergies. Our customers tell us, a spoonful of Local Honey a day, helps alleviate some of their symptoms and provides soothing relief to irritated sinuses and throats. How Local does your Honey need to be you ask? I sat in on a lecture by Dr. Jamie Ellis from the University of Florida Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory at one of the UFIFAS Bee Colleges a few years ago, and that question came up. He responded that there was no scientific proof that the pollen you ingest in Honey could support Allergy Symptoms and that the pollen that is usually bothersome is wind born, whereas the bees collect pollen that remains in flowers and relies on the bees for transport from one flower to another. However, we meet people every day that say they definitely notice a difference and feel better when they eat local honey. Well, that makes sense to me, after learning about Homeopathy and how diluted forms of a substance can be recognized by the body and be part of the process of reducing or eliminating symptoms. So our recommendation is: Eat Honey you enjoy from a beekeeper you like that does not filter out the pollen or heat their honey. There are a lot of great beekeepers out there, and so many different delicious Honeys, your are bound to find some favorites. We really love our seasonal Multifloral Wildflower Honey, it’s the freshest we can offer. We use it every day in Coffee and Tea in lieu of Sugar or other sweetners. We hope you enjoy some of all the Locally produced Honeys and Farmed items available this Winter and into Spring, and to see you at an upcoming Localecopia event! Your Beekeepers at Hani Honey Company