Getting Back Up:   Florida Agriculture & Florida Hospitality

We are still dealing with the unprecedented events at the local, state, federal, and international levels.   From both a health and economic perspective, we will be dealing with the impact of these current events for quite some time.   As it relates to dealing with the economic impact, the state and federal levels now are instituting plans to mitigate the financial damage to the members of the agriculture and hospitality industries.

At the federal level the USDA has implemented programs such as the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP), as well as a food box distribution program  ( ).

At the state level the Governor has been meeting with various industries to both support state operations and to hopefully return the state to regular operations.   The Re-Open Florida Task Force Executive Committee ( ) has been advising on the state on a game plan for returning various industries back to normal operations.   Under the direction of Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki-Fried, the state agriculture industry has provided the Re-Opening Task Force with a 10 page comprehensive document containing recommendations to support the efforts of the 47,500 Florida farms within the state.


Recommendations to the Re-Open Florida Task Force from Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried