We were very excited to participate in the Localecopia Meet & Greet at The Breakers in Palm Beach. It was a lovely event where we had the opportunity to serve the best our farm has to offer.

Chik Monk is based in Palm Beach, Florida. The idea behind Chik Monk is to bring awareness of Chikmagalur, India (one of the oldest coffee growing regions in the world) and to communicate the story of our family farms. In our first year of business, we were awarded a silver medal at the Golden Bean North America Coffee Roasting Competition.

We manage each aspect of the supply chain from growing, picking, packing, and transporting green coffee direct from our Rainforest Alliance estates. We do small batch contract roasts in Florida each week to provide freshly roasted specialty coffee. We operate sustainably with plastic-free, 100% compostable packaging. We have a strong connection to our environment and have taken the necessary steps to de-plasticize our lives one coffee bag at a time.

We are donating a portion of our profit to the women and children from the coffee growing communities where we do business. We also support Global Ocean clean-up efforts.

Apart from wholesale operations, we sell online and at Farmer’s markets around South Florida. We offer hot and cold brewed coffee and our non-dairy lattes are quite a hit!