Third Wind Seafood, Inc. (TWS) is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Aquaco Pompano Farms, an emerging land-based producer of Florida Pompano.

With Florida accounting for 90% of the total harvest for this species of marine finfish, it came as no surprise the localized populations spiraled into a devastating decline. Prized by anglers for their fight, commercial fishermen for their market value and culinary professionals for their desirable flavor, texture and fat content – left demand high and supply extremely limited.

Acutely aware of the long term consequences, a group of local Floridians sprung into action. Not only to save the Florida Pompano species but to make a positive impact on the planet, community and ocean while doing so. This mission led to the creation of Aquaco – a land based aquaculture company hyper-focused on responsibly raising Florida Pompano.

TWS and Aquaco are excited for the opportunity to bring these delicious fish to South Florida’s best restaurants and seafood aficionados.


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