Localecopia Press Releases

Spreading Local To California – 2015 Boutique Lifestyle Leadership Symposium 08/10/2015
Chipotle Mexican Grill – Third Party Audit Grants 04/14/2015
Article – Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association 03/23/2015
Localecopia Meet & Greet Monday April 6th 2015 from 1pm-3pm 03/05/2015
Green Planet Festival 02/23/2015
Chipotle Cultivate 10 – Our Wonderful World Media 01/07/2015
Chipotle Cultivate 10 01/07/2015
Localecopia Meet & Greet – Palm Beach 12/02/2014
2014 Learn Green Conference 10/01/2014
Palm Beach Daily News – Localecopia Meet & Greet at The Breakers 11/19/14 09/17/2014
FOUR EcoArt Works in Upcoming “What’s All the Buzz About?” Show (July 11th opening) 07/09/2014
FOUR EcoArt Works in Upcoming “What’s All the Buzz About?” Show (July 11th opening) 07/09/2014
Wish Farms Annual Celebrity Charity U-Pick 03/26/2014
For The Love Of Herbs – Saturday February 15, 2014 02/12/2014
Local Foods, Local Gardens – Sunday February 16, 2014 02/12/2014
PBC Schools Wellness Promotion Policy Annual Report 02/06/2014
Your Green Directory 02/06/2014
Localecopia Meet & Greet – November 13, 2013 (1pm-3pm) 10/02/2013
End of Summer Neighborhood Fair – 8/17/2013 08/13/2013
Local Foods Local Gardens – 9/28/2013 – 08/13/2013
Farm-to-Restaurant Month from Blue Oven Kitchens 08/06/2013
Farm-to-Restaurant Month from Blue Oven Kitchens 08/06/2013
Our Wonderful World 06/07/2013
Florida Green, Energy & Climate Conference/ 100 Cities Summit 04/29/2013
Sun Sentinel – Green Activists Share One Tip For Green Issue 04/18/2013
Our Greener World Radio Show 04/04/2013
Palm Beach County Schools Working w/Localecopia Marketplace 03/04/2013
Localecopia Green Market Coming To Northwood Art & Wine Promenade Friday April 26th 02/19/2013
Green Schools National Conference This Weekend 02/19/2013
December Localecopia Meet & Greet 01/31/2013
Food Day 11/12/2012
WiseBUYS, the green awareness magazine – Localecopia 10/11/2012
FREE Water Conservation Workshop 10/03/2012
Do you have a right to know whats in your food? 09/13/2012
3RD Annual Green Schools Conference Coming to West Palm Beach Florida 09/05/2012
Palm Beach County Schools and Localecopia Partnership 09/04/2012
2012 Small Farms Conference 07/09/2012
Friday March 30th Localecopia Meet & Greet In Northwood 03/26/2012
Localecopia Meet & Greet Article 11/30/2011
Florida Arbor Day – Mounts Botanical Garden 01/03/2011
Radio Green Earth, Topic: Sustainable Landscaping 11/06/2010
Get to Know Your Food Producers at Localecopia Meet 11/01/2010
2010 Iron Chef Competition at the Lincoln Culinary Institute in Florida, West Palm Beach Campus 08/01/2010
The Breakers: Palm Beach Island’s Premium Green Operator 07/18/2010
WXEL Radio – Florida Forum 05/23/2010
Green market utopia: Localecopia connects farmers and restaurants 05/07/2010
TC&PB Branch Meeting (Topic: Locally Grown Sustainable Food Sources) 03/18/2010
Urban garden movement takes root in Palm Beach County 02/19/2010
Green Travel in Palm Beach and Boca Raton, Florida 02/17/2010
Trying to Keep Florida Cattle in Florida 01/11/2010
Newly created Florida Food Policy Council Elects Board 12/01/2009
Breakers’ L”scalier, with chef Vassos, accents contemporary French fare 11/28/2009
The Breakers: Palm Beach Island’s Premium Green Destinatio 10/22/2009
Radio Green Earth 09/07/2009
Luxury and sustainability coexist at Breakers Palm Beach 09/03/2009
Farms and hotels find common interest in freshness By Jaideep Hardikar and Doreen Hemlock | South Florida Sun-Sentinel 06/19/2009
The Breakers: Palm Beach Island’s Premium Green Operator 05/18/2009
2009 Nonprofits Going Green Case Study Example 04/29/2009
Resource conservation talks on Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce breakfast menu? 03/17/2009
Do you know what ‘localecopia’ is? 03/09/2009
Palm Beach County Small Farms Forum 03/09/2009
South Florida Green, Energy and Climate Conference/Expo (PDF, Page 19) 03/09/2009
Alumnus Connects Florida Farmers to Resorts and Clubs – The Culinary Institute of America February 02/13/2009
Expo talks up connecting growers, consumers – By Beth N. Gray, Times Correspondent 01/25/2009
Localecopia: Staying Ahead of the Curve – By Geoffrey Sagrans 01/18/2009
Localecopia Rollout Meeting Photo Gallery 12/02/2008
Palm Beach County Small Farmers Forum 01/30/2008
Arbor Day Celebration At Mounts Botanical Garden 01/16/2008
With less green coming from the state, nonprofit turns to greens – By KATHLEEN CHAPMAN – Palm Beach Post Staff Writer – Originally published in The Palm Beach Post 12/29/2007